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What Does a Teenage Creative Writer do?

The role of a creative writer involves producing non-traditional pieces of writing. This includes conducting thorough research, drafting, and polishing the final product. As an online creative writer, you will most likely work through a freelancing platform, catering to businesses in need of web content. You may also choose to write for your own blog or pen your own book. Given the nature of the job, a strong grasp of the English language and exceptional writing skills are essential…

How Much Does a Teenage Creative Writer Get Paid?

If you are a creative writer who is freelancing online, your earnings may typically range from $5-$10 per hour. However, your pay rate will largely depend on your level of experience, given the vast range of compensation available on the internet. The primary challenge of being an online creative writer is the high level of competition in the market. With a large pool of writers online, job availability may be limited and require you to compete with other writers, especially those with more experience. To overcome this challenge, you can create a comprehensive profile that highlights your skills and experience by following the steps outlined below.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Creative Writer?

  • To begin, it’s important to familiarize yourself with creative writing, which involves crafting non-traditional pieces of literature, often in the form of fiction. There are various types of creative writing, including short stories and magazine articles. Due to the high level of competition in this field, it’s crucial to hone your writing skills by taking relevant high school or college courses, or through online platforms such as For instance, “Writing Fundamentals: The Craft of Story by Lisa Cron” is a great course that teaches the basics of creative writing.
  • Once you have a good understanding of creative writing, it’s time to create a portfolio that showcases your work. This is a great way to exhibit your writing skills as a sample of what you can offer. If you already have some pieces that you’re proud of, include them in your portfolio. Otherwise, take the opportunity to write some new pieces, utilizing the skills you’ve acquired. Don’t forget to add short descriptions of the contents of your portfolio and save the document for future reference.
  • After creating your portfolio, you have the option to seek online employment or venture into writing your own book. To attract potential employers, utilize platforms like Upwork for creative writing opportunities, although there is stiff competition. It’s essential to scrutinize job descriptions to ensure a good fit before applying. Don’t lose heart if you face rejection, and persist in your quest for employment.
  • Congratulations on being a teenage creative writer. Though finding a job may have been a challenge, the difficult part is over, and the rest should be easy. Keep writing and don’t lose hope during difficult times. With time and experience, you can become a successful freelance writer.


In conclusion, being a teenage creative writer is a unique opportunity to express oneself and develop valuable skills that can be applied in many areas of life. With hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to learn, aspiring writers can develop a portfolio, seek employment online, and even write their own books. Though competition can be fierce, there is always a need for creative writing, and with the right approach, young writers can succeed in building a career in this exciting field. So, if you’re a teenage creative writer, don’t be afraid to pursue your passion, take risks, and enjoy the journey towards a fulfilling and rewarding future.


What is the role of a teenage creative writer?

The role of a teenage creative writer is to use their imagination to create written content such as short stories, poems, and articles.

What skills are required to become a teenage creative writer?

To become a teenage creative writer, one needs to possess excellent writing skills, a good imagination, and creativity.

How does a teenage creative writer find work?

Teenage creative writers can find work by applying for freelance writing jobs on platforms such as Upwork, or by submitting their work to publications.

Can a teenage creative writer make a career out of writing?

Yes, a teenage creative writer can make a career out of writing if they continue to improve their writing skills and build a portfolio of their work.

What kind of writing can a teenage creative writer do?

A teenage creative writer can write in various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and journalism.

What are the benefits of being a teenage creative writer?

Being a teenage creative writer can help to develop communication skills, boost confidence, and provide an outlet for self-expression.

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