What Does a Teenage Photographer do?

What Does a Teenage Photographer do?

  • A teenager skilled in photography can offer their services for payment by taking photos.
  • This article will concentrate on capturing images and vending them on Shutterstock, where users post and companies purchase them at a nominal price.
  • A watermark on your pictures on Shutterstock safeguards them against unauthorized downloads or screenshots.

Your tasks at Shutterstock comprise identifying required pictures, capturing them, and managing your account. Payment is per purchased photo, as you’re not an employee. Given that the buyers expect skilled photography, a degree or proficiency in photography is preferable. If lacking, Lynda.com offers courses, like “Photography 101” by Joseph Linaschke and “The Practicing Photographer” by Ben Long, for better comprehension of photography basics..

How Much Does a Teenage Photographer Get Paid?

  1. Depending on the photo’s price, photographers on Shutterstock earn between 25 and 50 cents per downloaded image, making it a challenging platform to earn from due to its saturation.
  2. If your goal is to make money as a professional photographer, it’s important to enjoy the work to avoid it becoming a burden. Using Shutterstock can be a way to earn extra cash while pursuing your passion for photography.
  3. While it’s possible to earn a substantial income on Shutterstock, it requires a significant investment of time and effort in uploading hundreds of photos over several years.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Photographer?

  • Prior to starting, it is recommended that you procure a quality camera if you haven’t already, as there is fierce competition on Shutterstock. To distinguish your photos from the rest, consider investing in a high-quality camera and lens. If you have the financial means, it’s great, otherwise, you could request your parents to gift you one. Amazon has compiled a list of the best cameras available.
  • Since there is fierce competition on Shutterstock, having a camera is not enough – you must improve your photography skills. Luckily, online courses like “The Practicing Photographer by Ben Long” and “Photography 101 by Joseph Linaschke” on Lynda.com can help you achieve that.
  • To start earning on Shutterstock, create a photography seller account and upload photos. No need to apply or get hired. Capture photos of your interest and use your skills. Repeat the process and earn money.
  • Congratulations! You are now a teenage photographer, and while the pay may not be fantastic at the beginning, you are surely having a great time. You are pursuing your passion while earning a decent income on the side. What’s more, this experience can be leveraged to secure future employment opportunities, allowing you to work your way up the ladder towards a professional photography career.


In conclusion, being a teenage photographer is an exciting and rewarding pursuit that allows young people to explore their passion for photography while honing their skills and creativity. Whether working for clients or pursuing personal projects, teenage photographers can build a portfolio, gain valuable experience, and open doors to future opportunities in the field. With the right mindset, dedication, and willingness to learn, a teenage photographer can turn their hobby into a lifelong career.


What does a teenage photographer do?

A teenage photographer takes photographs for various purposes, such as for personal enjoyment, to build a portfolio, or to earn money.

What types of photography do teenage photographers specialize in?

Teenage photographers can specialize in any type of photography, such as portrait, landscape, sports, or events photography.

What skills are required for a teenage photographer?

A teenage photographer must have a good eye for composition, knowledge of lighting, and proficiency in using camera equipment and editing software. Communication and interpersonal skills are also important for working with clients and models.

Can a teenage photographer earn money from their photography?

Yes, a teenage photographer can earn money from their photography by selling their work, offering photography services for events or businesses, or by licensing their photographs to stock photography websites.

Is it possible for a teenage photographer to turn their hobby into a career?

Yes, it is possible for a teenage photographer to turn their hobby into a career by building a portfolio, networking with professionals in the industry, and pursuing education or training in photography.

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