How to Become a Teenage Pool Cleaner

How to Become a Teenage Pool Cleaner

Your primary responsibility as a teenage pool cleaner will be to maintain a clean and hygienic pool. This will involve monitoring and adjusting the pool’s chemical balance, inspecting equipment, and removing debris from the pool area. Since leaves and dirt can quickly contaminate the pool, you will assist the owner in keeping it spotless and ready for swimming. It’s safe to say that any pool you’ve seen has been subjected to hours of cleaning. As a pool cleaner, you will also be involved in working with equipment and chemicals, so having a penchant for science would be advantageous..

How Much Does a Teenage Pool Cleaner Get Paid?

If you’re new to pool cleaning, your hourly pay will likely fall within the range of $10 to $15. However, finding work can be a challenge as most pool cleaning jobs are for individual homeowners rather than corporations that hire employees. Although you could work for a company, this would require committing to full-time hours. That being said, if you stick with it and become a full-time pool cleaner, the starting salary ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per month depending on the length of the contract.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Pool Cleaner?

  • It is important to have a conversation with your parent(s) prior to pursuing a job as a teen pool cleaner, as this will ensure your safety and increase the likelihood of their support.
  • Before embarking on your pool cleaning journey, it is imperative that you gain knowledge on the subject. This can be achieved through taking a class or reading a book on pool maintenance, focusing on areas such as debris removal and pool chemistry. A comprehensive understanding of these aspects is crucial to effectively perform your job as a pool cleaner and increase your employability. Swim University is a valuable online resource for learning about pool care. Obtaining certification as a pool cleaner may also be beneficial.
  • Acquire equipment for pool maintenance. If the pool you are responsible for lacks the necessary tools, take initiative. Purchase a pool cleaner, skimmer, and net as a minimum requirement. These items can be obtained through online retailers like Amazon or local specialty stores.
  • Get hired as a pool cleaner by applying to jobs available on sites like Craigslist, as regular people, not companies, typically hire for this job. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how many pools to clean per day, depending on your schedule. However, before you start, find and apply for local jobs, highlighting your certification or knowledge of pools.
  • Congratulations on becoming a teenage pool cleaner! While it may take time to master the job, sticking to it can lead to significant future income and valuable experience. Whether you decide to continue as a pool cleaner or pursue another career, this job is a great starting point that can enhance your chances of future employment.


In conclusion, becoming a teenage pool cleaner is a great way to gain valuable work experience, earn income, and enjoy the flexibility of working at your own pace. While finding a job may require some effort, the rewards of this job make it worthwhile. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can take the first steps towards becoming a successful pool cleaner, whether as a long-term career or as a stepping stone to future opportunities.


What qualifications do I need to become a teenage pool cleaner?

You will need to obtain certification in pool cleaning and maintenance to become a teenage pool cleaner.

Where can I find teenage pool cleaner jobs?

Sites like Craigslist and local classified ads are great places to find teenage pool cleaner jobs.

How much can I expect to earn as a teenage pool cleaner?

The amount you can earn as a teenage pool cleaner will vary based on your location, but you can expect to earn an hourly wage of $10 to $15.

What are the benefits of becoming a teenage pool cleaner?

Becoming a teenage pool cleaner is a great way to gain valuable work experience, earn income, and enjoy the flexibility of working at your own pace.

How can I succeed as a teenage pool cleaner?

To succeed as a teenage pool cleaner, you should be reliable, responsible, and have good communication skills. It’s also important to have a solid understanding of pool maintenance and cleaning.

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