Teenage Plant Sitter

How to Become a Teenage Plant Sitter

As a plant sitter, your primary responsibility is to care for plants when their owners are away for extended periods. Homeowners entrust their plants to you, relying on you to ensure that they remain healthy and vibrant. This involves watering, fertilizing, and providing general upkeep as if the plants were your own. Taking this job seriously is crucial, as any negligence resulting in withered or dead plants could lead to serious consequences with the homeowner..

How Much Does a Teenage Plant Sitter Get Paid?

Plant sitters can expect to earn around $10-$15 per day, but the main challenge is the limited opportunity for career advancement, given that they are self-employed. To increase their earnings, they need to take on more clients and plants. Despite this, managing several plants simultaneously can lead to a substantial income. Additionally, plant sitting can enhance one’s sense of responsibility, making them more attractive to future employers. However, while it may be a great short-term job, it may not be a suitable long-term career option.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Plant Sitter?

  • It is important to consult with your parent(s) before pursuing a role as a teenage plant sitter to ensure your safety and potentially receive their support.
  • Prior to beginning, it is necessary to determine the number of plants that can be handled at once. The more plants taken on, the greater the potential earnings. However, it is essential to consider that each homeowner will require approximately one hour of attention for their garden and plants, as well as the travel time between each residence. While taking on as many plants as possible is ideal, it is crucial to avoid overloading oneself as there may not be sufficient time to provide proper care for each plant. Failure to do so could result in plant death or wilting, leading to significant issues with the homeowners.
  • After calculating the number of plants you can manage, obtain the necessary supplies. Although most homeowners will provide the required plant-sitting items, it’s still advisable to have a backup stash of plant supplies. A detailed and exhaustive inventory of necessary gardening tools can be found online, but you only need the basics. Alternatively, Amazon offers a wide range of gardening kits to choose from.
  • Explore job opportunities by checking your local area and Craigslist. Advertising with fliers can also help. Apply to the selected positions and provide a reference, along with previous work experience. Do not worry if you are not accepted. Aim to get as many plant-sitting jobs as planned. Congratulations, you are now a plant sitter! Though it may seem like a small job, it is a good way to earn extra income and gain valuable experience that could lead to future opportunities.


In conclusion, becoming a teenage plant sitter is a great opportunity to earn money, gain experience, and develop responsibility. By following the steps of finding job opportunities, applying for positions, and delivering quality work, you can become a successful plant sitter. This job may seem small, but it can lead to bigger and better opportunities in the future. Becoming a teenage plant sitter can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy working with plants and have a passion for taking care of them.


What is a teenage plant sitter?

A teenage plant sitter is someone who is responsible for taking care of plants while their owners are away.

How can I find a job as a teenage plant sitter?

You can find job opportunities in your local area and on websites like Craigslist. Advertising with fliers can also help.

What skills are necessary to become a teenage plant sitter?

Attention to detail, responsibility, and an understanding of plant care are essential skills for a teenage plant sitter.

What should I include in my job application as a teenage plant sitter?

A reference and information on previous work experience are recommended.

How much can I earn as a teenage plant sitter?

Earnings can vary depending on the number of jobs you take on and your location.

Is being a teenage plant sitter a good way to gain experience?

Yes, it is a great way to gain experience in plant care and develop responsibility.

What are some benefits of becoming a teenage plant sitter?

You can earn money, gain experience, and develop responsibility, which can help you in future job opportunities.

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