Teenage Landscaper

How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

As a teenage landscaper, your primary responsibility will be to cultivate and maintain the greenery surrounding businesses and buildings. Your duties will range from helping people maintain their lawns and backyards, whether it be a small house or a large building. This involves planting new flowers, trees, or bushes, mowing, pulling weeds, and cleaning and installing lawn furniture. A considerable amount of time will be spent outdoors, ensuring that the exterior of the building looks attractive. It is essential to possess a green thumb, as the job requires a lot of hands-on work. You will get dirty working on these tasks, so you might as well enjoy it!

How Much Does a Teenage Landscaper Get Paid?

As a new teenage landscaper, anticipate earning between $10 to $15 hourly. The primary challenge with this profession is its physical demands, necessitating working outside all day doing manual labor. It is also a transient career path for beginners, with short-term one-day contracts until you advance to longer ones. However, if you commit to the job, you can grow your landscaping business into a lucrative and prosperous venture. The landscaping industry is thriving, and established companies are earning significant profits. There is an ongoing market demand for landscaping services.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Landscaper?

  • It is important to consult with your parent(s) prior to pursuing a career as a teen landscaper. This will ensure your safety and they may offer assistance in your endeavors.
  • To be a successful landscaper, it is necessary to acquire certain skills. Familiarizing yourself with the tools of the trade and utilizing them to their full potential is essential for efficiency. DIY Network has compiled a list of the most frequently used landscaping tools for reference. You can review the list and identify which tools you require, then make a purchase on Amazon. Additionally, it is advantageous to learn techniques such as effective weed removal and proper bush trimming.
  • After acquiring all the essential landscaping skills, consider obtaining certification as certified landscapers have higher chances of securing employment. This is a worthwhile investment in your time for a prosperous landscaping career. Participating in community or neighborhood landscaping classes is also beneficial to showcase your expertise despite your age.

  • When searching for job opportunities, keep in mind that potential clients may not be present on significant business websites. Instead, consider browsing sites like Craigslist or going door-to-door in your local area. This approach can yield positive results since all your clients will be located in one area, reducing commuting time.
  • After finding an open position, apply and showcase your certification and skills. Clients prefer athletic landscapers who can endure physically demanding tasks efficiently. Emphasize your strengths without hesitation. Don’t let rejection discourage you as eventually, you’ll land a job.

  • Congratulations, you’re now a landscaper. While it may take some time to earn money, this is an excellent opportunity to build experience. If you remain dedicated and establish your own company, achieving success and earning profits will be a breeze.


Becoming a teenage landscaper is a fulfilling and rewarding way to earn money, gain experience and learn important skills. From designing gardens to maintaining lawns, a career in landscaping provides a range of opportunities to explore. By following the steps outlined in this guide, teenagers can set themselves on the path to becoming successful landscapers. From developing a list of services to offering competitive rates and finding the right clients, there are many strategies that can be used to build a thriving landscaping business. With dedication, hard work, and a passion for nature, anyone can become a successful teenage landscaper.


What services can a teenage landscaper offer?

A teenage landscaper can offer a variety of services including lawn mowing, garden design, tree trimming, weeding, and yard cleanup.

How can a teenage landscaper find clients?

A teenage landscaper can find clients by posting flyers, advertising online, asking for referrals, and offering their services to neighbors.

How much should a teenage landscaper charge for their services?

A teenage landscaper should research local rates to determine their pricing strategy. They can also offer competitive rates while still making a profit.

What tools and equipment are needed to become a teenage landscaper?

Basic tools such as a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, rake, and shovel are necessary. However, the specific tools needed will depend on the services the landscaper offers.

How can a teenage landscaper build a successful business?

By offering quality services, maintaining good communication with clients, and providing excellent customer service, a teenage landscaper can build a successful business. Marketing, advertising, and gaining referrals can also help.

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